NEXMUS is an investment P2P platform.

Investments in the most profitable areas of the 21st century using the NEXMUS 8 technology. IT-development, trading, loan secured by cryptocurrency up to $ 15,000 in 15 minutes! Multi-level affiliate program! Earnings without investing!


Our benefits:


Ensuring control over the risks accompanying investment.


We`ve been working in the field of Finance for more than 10 years, more than 1000 partners are already with us.


Uniting investors around the world to increase their capital.


Passive income without professional knowledge and skills from anywhere in the world


Deposits liquidity - funds are accrued and withdrawn daily.


Increasing capital by the "NEXMUS 8” technology


The company provides training on investment and capital management.


Your funds are multiplied by trading bots with artificial intelligence.

«Nexmus 8»
"NEXMUS 8" is a simple technology for managing complex financial instruments, which brings the profit of up to 240% per annum to investors!
Distribution of investments.

To increase the capital, incoming investments are accumulated in many pools and distributed in the following areas: IT-development, trading, loan secured by cryptocurrency.

Manual and automatic trading modes.

Traders and a trading bot (automated system) participate in trading on a daily basis. Individually designed strategies help to make profit 24/7.

Five departments work to increase the capital of the company and investors.

Risk management department, analytical department, investment management department, IT department and financial management department. Each department clearly performs its assigned functions. Synergy of the company and investors joint work provides a unique opportunity to increase their assets.

The company has created two unique trading advisors with a break-even trading strategy based on artificial intelligence.

We provide our investors with the opportunity to earn additional income using our products. The development team has combined trading algorithms, break-even strategies, statistics and data on successful transactions since 2001. The innovative system where data-based trading robots automatically trade on Forex and cryptocurrency exchanges with the profit 2-3 times higher than that of conventional programs that don`t use artificial intelligence.

What does it all give?

The “NEXMUS 8” technology allows to distribute and manage financial flows competently with minimal risks and maximum stable profitability of up to 240% per annum together with the strongest NEXMUS team.

We strive to acquaint our partners with our principles and methods of work.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Manual and automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Arbitrage trading between two or more cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders and the NEXMUS PRO bot trade.

Trading on the stock market

Trading on the stock exchanges is a stable and profitable tool for increasing capital. The basis is buying - selling stocks, bonds, options, futures and many other valuable assets.

Loans secured by cryptocurrency

Funds are issued to individuals and legal entities at interest and are returned with a profit.

Forex Trading

Traders multiply funds by trading in currency pairs manually. The trading bot “NEXMUS ONE” trades automatically.

How to become our partner?

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